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What is Stevia? 

  • Sweeteners commonly referred to as stevia contain extracts of the leaf of a shrub called Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni)

  • The stevia plant has been cultivated and used for centuries by South Americans; dry leaves were historically used to sweeten drinks

  • Sweet & Fit Stevia is GIDC, The Stevia Company's flagship product. It is 100% natural and produced from organically grown high quality stevia plants without the use of alcohol or other harmful chemicals.

Our flagship Product

Stevia Extract Powder, Stevia Powder, Stevia Dried Leaves

Organically grown

and harvested



Incomparable to other products in

the local market


Leaves are then oven-dried


Steviol glycosides,

the compounds responsible for the sweet taste of the leaf are extracted to make Sweet and Fit extract powder


No alcohol or other harmful chemicals


Minimal processing,

Sweet & Fit stevia
is made from 100 % natural stevia leaves.

Our Recipes 

Sweet & Fit Stevia Product

Sweet & Fit Stevia 30 Sachet.png

Sweet & Fit Stevia

30 Sachets

Sweet & Fit Stevia  Dried Leaves 60g.png

Sweet & Fit Stevia  Dried Leaves


Sweet & Fit Stevia Sweetener by 500 sachets.png

Sweet & Fit Stevia Sweetener

500 sachets

Sweet & Fit Stevia 500g.png

Sweet & Fit Stevia

1 kilogram

Sweet & Fit Stevia  Dried Leaves Powder  60g.jpg

Sweet & Fit Stevia  Dried Leaves Powder 


Sweet & Fit Stevia 1 kilogram.png

Sweet & Fit Stevia


Sweet & Fit Stevia Tea Bag.png

Sweet & Fit Stevia  Tea Bag  w/ Ashitaba & Guyabano

10’s Bag

Sweet and Fit Logo-01 - Copy.png
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